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Andrew Conner

Music for Video Games

Welcome to my site!


I'm a music composer based in Austin, Texas. I have always been enchanted by the scenes and worlds that visual media can bring to life - especially in video games - and my passion is breathing emotion and depth into them with music.


I got my start in the music industry working as a recording engineer and session musician in Nashville, Tennessee, where I helped create over 15 million Spotify plays worth of music from my home studio. My personal tastes, however, always lied in game music, film music, and heavy metal (🤘), and I longed to use my production skillset to bring my own ideas to life, rather than only working on others’ music. Eventually, the birth of my son (hey there buddy!) prompted me to evaluate who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do - do I want to model only sticking with the status quo, or what it looks like to pursue what you love most? So now my shingle is out and I’m open for business!


While I’m comfortable working in a broad range of genres, my specialties are working with the orchestra and - oh yes - heavy distorted guitars and pounding drums. 


When I’m not composing, you’ll likely find me having pretend lightsaber duels with my son, gaming, reading Warhammer 40k novels, repping a Firbolg Druid in my DnD party, or woodworking.

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